Interview: Diego Lazzarin

We sit down with the creator of AminoAcid Boy and talk about hell, bio-mechanics and crowdfunding…

aminoacid boy cover image

I first became aware of Diego on Twitter. After checking out his website I’ve kept eyes on his work ever since, which varies from the lurid to the surreal, to the positively satanic -all in a good way of course! After noticing he was trying to fund a project, AminoAcid Boy and the Chaos Order, on Indigogo, I got in contact.

This is what happened:

First of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Can you sum up Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order in one sentence or less (I’ve put you on the spot there!)

Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order is a 156 page graphic novel with a unique pictorial style that narrates of a creature from outer space sent on planet Earth by his lord to understand the strange behaviors of humankind. 😉

The thing that first brought me to Aminoacid Boy, and then later your crowdfunder, was the art style. It’s very unique – what has influenced it? The double page spreads I’ve seen in Aminoacid Boy in particular seem to invoke some of the medieval visions of hell.

I think my style is more influenced by famous painters than comic’s artists. Yes of course, I love the imaginary of late medieval poetry and painters, like Dante or Giotto, and I intend to expand my knowledge of that historical period. Many modern painters also inspire me. My favorite ones are Francis Bacon and Jean Michel Basquiat. Other important landmarks in my background are 80-90s Punk and Pop Culture.

AminoAcid Boy image 1

Your work has evolved from horror (in the original sense of the term, meaning something that causes a mixture of fear, shock, or disgust) to what seems like a fascination with the bio-mechanical, whilst retaining those original disquieting elements. Has this been a planned evolution, or quite unconscious?

There’s a chapter in the book just made of illustrations representing the Chaos Order in action. It’s a sort of evil Army of demons and weird monsters. In this chapter, the characters are inspired by very diverse stuff, from ancient medieval paintings to 80s post-atomic videogame artworks. I deliberately like to mix those diverse elements to create surrealistic and illogical atmospheres.

Once I have in mind the general idea of the painting, the drawing process flows quite unconsciously. Normally, I do not predetermine too much the structure of the artwork… I start drawing and if something clashes with what I had in mind, I do over again and again until I’m happy. I materially draw on top many many times, as you can see by some time-lapse paintings I posted on my blog. I use acrylics basically because they allow me to paint layer over layer.

What has been your experiences of crowdfunding Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order? Was there any particular reason you chose IndieGoGo?

My experience with crowdfunding has been exciting so far! I really couldn’t expect such a good start! In one day I reached 30% percent of my funding goal, and in three days I sold all the double pages original artworks… this means a lot to me! While I’m answering to this question, the campaign is 62% funded and I’m on day 9 out of 32.

Why I chose IndieGoGo? Actually, I would have preferred to crowdfund with Kickstarter because it has a larger audience. Sadly, Kickstarter is not available in Italy and IndieGoGo was my second choice. IndieGoGo campaign pages are very well designed and structured and I’m happy with it.

Aminoacid Boy image 2

What next – a new project, or are you planning to have to well deserved time off haha?

No haha, even if my girlfriend is stressing me to go for a holiday… I think I’m gonna rest when I’m dead! I already have in mind another crazy project… It’s going to be an animated web comic… I worked a lot in animation movies and I’m sure to be naturally suited for this hybrid format. If I have to make a spoiler… it’s going to be called “Bubbles and Guts”!! I’m sure you will love it! 🙂

All images used are courtesy of Diego Lazzarin. You can check out more of his work at

The Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order IndieGoGo campaign runs until the 18th June 2015.

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