TV Pick of the Day – Saturday 23 May

Flag-waving TV nutjob Zoe Butcher has a spectacular pick for tonight’s TV treat…

Vienna2015_logoWhat is it: The Eurovision Song Contest 2015

When is it: BBC1, 8pm

It’s that time of year again. That time when even the most well-travelled and worldly Brit becomes a flag-waving xenophobic music critic. That time of year when we abandon all logical thought processes and believe for three hours that Europe can forgive us for intermittently invading various countries over the years and VOTE FOR OUR BLOODY SONG DAMMIT. Yes, it’s Eurovision night. Flags at the ready everyone!

If by some curious quirk you are not planning on subjecting yourself to three hours of power ballads and Graham Norton’s drunk snark then have no fear, the final two episode of The Following are on Sky Atlantic from 9pm. Don’t say I never give you options.


Watch it for: The truly, mindbending awfulness of it all. Graham Norton getting drunk live on air.


Zoe Butcher



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