Comic Review: Regret #1

535a46f57c2842a72f4bc3047eb7ecc1_original Coming to a kickstarter near you! But is Ford and Pung’s comic any good?

Disclaimer: I have backed this campaign and have worked with the artist of it before.

A kickstarter funded project by writer Jason Ford and artist David Pung, it bills itself as “one part Kamandi, one part DUNE, one part Shadowrun and ALL action”.

To a degree it is, clearly wearing the linage that influenced it on its sleeve. Add in artwork that is part Jhonen Vasquez, part Manga you have a very diverse pool of sources, all pouring into one comic.

In comics like this, it’s all to common for the influences and wellspring of ideas to overwhelm the comic, to the expense of the script. Thankfully that isn’t the case here, as Ford’s melding of genres takes us from a meeting with a killer snake being, through a ruined world and onto more sci-fi trappings.

Having followed David’s artwork for a while now, it has been interesting to see his artistic techniques and style evolve. In this comic in particular, he seems to revel in the panels that show the journey of one character through many motions. It makes his storytelling far more physical and it’s nice to see him begin to transition from mostly static poses, to those with a better sense of fluidity and movement.

What is apparent though is that, as is the case with a lot of smaller indie projects (and sadly some from the Big 3 too), it could have done with another pass over just to catch a few grammatical errors and sentences that don’t quite make sense at the moment. Nothing that will noticed by most comic book fans, but they are there and they drew me out of the comic at times.

On the whole though, Jason’s writing brought me into the world quickly and blended exposition with character building rather well. Which given the length of the mini series, is a good thing! Economical storytelling is something that is often overlooked in short series, so it seems that, if one is to infer anything from the first issue, readers will be in safe hands.

All in all, for a first issue it holds a lot of promise. One that hopefully will be fulfilled as the series progresses. As for if it is a good investment? The kickstarter has already made it’s pledge goal and $1 you get the comic as a PDF guaranteed.

That’s darn good value.


The Kickstarter for Regret #1 is now running. You can check it out here.

Blunt Instruments were provided with a review copy of Regret #1.

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